With so many wires running all over the place when it comes to the devices we charge, your desk can become a mess real quick. Even with a hub, you still have USB cables running all over. One of the easiest ways of resolving this mess is a multi-device charger dock that has slots for all of the more popular options. However, they are usually bulky both side to side and front to back, pricey, and are limited to only the connections it comes with.

A new solution has risen, called the “udoq“, which is a universal docking station that keeps everything neat. It aims to solve this niche, keeping everything visually neat, a slim profile front to back, and consolidating everything down to one cable (the power cable that runs to the wall). As for the limitation on connections, they have solved this by letting you choose exactly what you need by configuring to all the devices you plan to use it for.

You can start off by visiting their configurator, and choosing how long of a dock you are looking for (ie, how many devices would you like this bad boy to manage at once). You have the option of anything between 250mm and 700mm (this dock can either be small or huge). It will begin by asking you what devices you have. You can search for all sorts of smartphones and tablets and the dock will automatically expand to accomodate your needs, letting you know which size will be required. This also means that it is choosing which cables you will need for each device, along with all of the parts and pieces that bring everything together. As you are building it out, it also gives you a live price of what to expect.

Keep in mind, these are fancy custom docks with well made parts, which mostly includes brushed aluminum–great for all of those Apple fans out there looking for consistency in appearance. This also means the only thing this dock doesn’t solve is the price (they aren’t cheap).

You can also choose from a number of pre-made solutions. You have the option of 250mm, 400mm, 550mm and 700mm, when going this route. There are themed packages for Apple or Android devices. However, you will more than likely find yourself using the configurator because you can get a much more accurate final product (and it’s fun to build with).

The dock itself (as mentioned) is mostly aluminum. It seems very well designed, and offers a wall support for the devices to rest against. The support features two rubber strips running the length of the unit to keep things from moving around.

All of the cables come with a special plastic slider that holds the device end of the cable with. You can adjust the height of the connector so that your device sits perfectly on it (even if it is tucked into a complicated case). You insert them into the dock depending on the order in which you’d like your devices to be.

The cables slide into the dock starting with the opposite end of the cable where they all meet in the back where they will plug into a USB hub and be tucked away and hidden using a plastic cover. Once the cover is on, you are down to just one cable (to the wall), and everything looks neat as can be. The charging hub inside will obviously be different depending on how many devices the final dock is required to cater to.

It also comes with these little feet that can be popped in anywhere to help add support for larger devices that may not sit fully flat when they are inserted. This way you aren’t putting any unnecessary strain anywhere.

There is a small hex driver that it comes with that makes popping off the sides and adjusting the pieces easy, as well as a few stickers in case you want brag about your new dock (to each their own, but I’m sure these will more than likely go to your kids or in a drawer somewhere).

Sure, the dock is still bulky when it comes to the side to side footprint, but now you have plenty of surface space on your desk for placing things in front of it (or behind it). I think it blends into the desk much better this way. It all comes down to where you plan on putting it.

As for how well it performs its job once everything is together, the answer is well. I mean, it is a charger and it does charge. It isn’t perfect though, as it doesn’t seem to support fast/quick charging for the newer devices that can rapid charge. This leaves you with an average charge rate. I think for the price of everything, fast charging skills were kind of an expectation of ours. However, it does seem to function quite well when all spots are filled. The unit we have here to test out has a perfect balance of inputs, including Apple’s 30-pin and Lightning, microUSB and USB Type-C. Although we couldn’t find a 30-pin device laying around here anywhere anymore, we did swap it out with another Type-C we had and just ran it externally to the hub in the back since it obviously didn’t fit in that slider. This way we were maxing the charger out with all four devices at the same time.

We did feel that the cables it comes with are a bit longer than they need to be. For the short space they need to run through the dock, they actually provide you with enough length where you can remove one and use it by itself as a normal cable. Although this is fine, it is not necessary and it does cause the back storage area to be a little overly busy. This doesn’t mean it kills the joy of anything. It just seemed a bit overkill.

The weight of the dock is perfect, just like its build. It is pretty sturdy, which is important when you have it fully loaded with devices. That way, the weight of everything doesn’t cause it to tip in any direction. It also makes it easy to slide your device into it, as it isn’t sliding or wobbling around on you.

A fantastic dock for multi-device users who are tired of cables running all over the place. It helps to create a perfectly clean looking footprint and is made to be a solid product build-wise. I mean, in a zombie apocalypse you can very easily use this as a weapon to karate chop your way out of the building with, while doing some impressive damage to the undead you leave behind. A little extreme for an example, but I think it paints a perfect picture when it comes to sturdiness and weight.

The ability to customize everything to your exact needs via the website is useful (and fun), and it delivers when you have everything plugged in at once. The only thing we made funny faces over was the unnecessary length of the cables, the lack of fast charging support and the hefty price. Keeping in mind, that a cheapo plastic knock off would indeed cost a lot less, but it probably won’t last nearly as long, and will slide all over the place as you insert your devices (not to mention the hub inside doing all the work would probably be much less reliable). It’s like Mac vs TCL–you get what you pay for.

Are you a manufacturer or distributor that would like us to test something out for review? Contact us and we can let you know where to send the product and we will try it out.

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