How to use the Shop feature on Instagram to buy products

If you are a frequent Instagram user, chances are you may have noticed some posts in your feed with a small shopping bag icon, tucked in the lower left-hand corner.  This is Instagram’s Shop feature, which includes products offered by hundreds of brands and retailers across the world — and it’s a wise investment from the social media platform.   Analysts told Business Insider that Instagram’s move to shopping will be so successful that it will generate $10 billion in revenue by 2021. Using the Shop feature is easy, too. Any post with a shopping bag icon has a product or products linked to it — just tap on the product name, and you’re taken to the description page where you can save it for later, or buy it now.  Some products are available to purchase without even leaving the app, while others take you to the retailer’s website to finalize the transaction.  Some retailers partner with Instagram to provide a check-out process within the app. Most of those retailers are featured on Instagram’s @shop account.  Instagram’s @shop account features many retailers that have items available for purchase on the app. Meira Gebel/Business Insider 2....

There is nothing cuter in this world than a tiny baby sneaker — no, not even

There is nothing cuter in this world than a tiny baby sneaker — no, not even the babies themselves (don’t at me). There’s just something about a small version of a typically larger thing, and when it comes to baby shoes, the more it looks like a miniature version of a popular adult shoe, the better. Which is why I’m so obsessed with Adidas’s new collection of Toy Story sneakers that are just teeny versions of Adidas’ iconic Continental 80s, NMDs, and Ultraboost 19s. Is $65-$110 a bit steep for a pair of baby/toddler/kid shoes? For most, probably, considering how fast kids’ feet grow, but these are too cute to pass up! Hand them down to a friend or little sibling, resell them used on eBay, save them for your kids’ kids, or, as a POPSUGAR Family editor suggests, “you could use it as a keychain.” (LOL.) Read through to see all of the adorable styles in the Adidas x Toy Story collection, which comes out on June 21, the same day that Toy Story 4 hits theaters. Baby Shoes, Kids Shoes, Parent-Child Shoes, Baby Sneakers – Ling Feng,