After emerging from bankruptcy and listing shares this year, Chaparral Energy stock has likewise underperformed. Gastar Exploration recently hired investment bankers to pursue the sale of the company after its primary creditor, Ares, essentially forced the issue. All 3 companies operate in the shallow STACK area of Oklahoma, so a discussion comparing financial results, operations and relative valuations is likely of interest to area companies and investors. 3 Die 3 Blow Bolt Former High Quality Supplier Consolidation in the shallow STACK is likely, and the upcoming Gastar bid deadline will provide an interesting guidepost in valuing companies that may currently be undervalued by the market. “Permian, Permian, Permian.” It’s the E&P equivalent of Jan Brady’s lament about her sister, Marcia, getting all the attention on “The Brady Bunch.” While it is true that in 2017, Permania reached a fever pitch Nail Making Machine, Nut Tapping Machine, Coil Nail Machine – Union Fasteners,